Wednesday, March 07, 2007

LA Marathon 2007

I was visiting friends and Denise mentioned the Marathon. I was happy to join in although I hadn't trained as I usually have in the past. It is hard to let the LA marathon pass by without participating, so I signed up the day before the race.

Finishing the LA Marathon
Not having trained I planned to walk, but walking with everyone running past is very hard for me to do....and I eventually gave in to my desire to run.

Running with Denise at the 13 mile mark

Zoning out and enjoying the run

I felt my running high somewhere between miles 18-20 and was zoning out and gliding along the pavement effortlessly. What a wonderful feeling!!! Then at mile 20 I checked my time and found I was very close to coming in under 5 hours if I maintained my pace through the last 6.2 miles. I pushed hard through those last miles, spurred on the time, I came close to the goal finishing in 5:02, definately not a PR but acceptable for not training. I was just happy to be participating!!

Jolene, Denise and Mack waiting to start in the cool morning weather.