Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Pooper-Washer-Station

We've been fighting a nasty diaper rash (photos withheld) for far too long, and finally got it licked (thanks to the pediatrician and dermatologist). One method of care for our babies' bottoms involved installing a fantastic device, the Pooper-Washer-Station, in the nursery bathroom.
Most times, the kids' experience with this device was relatively neutral.

Sometimes, the results were startling...

And then there were the times when the temperature was just perfect...

... or not!!!

The Pooper-Washer-Station: Your house may already feature this device. If not, your friendly neighborhood plumber will be happy to install one. Results not guaranteed. Babies not included.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


For those not quite so savvy
With looking at the date,
Our postings can come early,
And sometimes they come late!

If you think this the first one
We've done since July six,
Please click the links that follow
To see our back-filled pics!

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Our Travel Bum (?)

Lately, Mariella has dissolved into tears about 3/4ths of the way through her evening meals. She seemed to be in pain, as the cries escalated to howls, then screams.
Mama & Papa frantically searched their minds for a cause. Intestinal torsion? The bots or perhaps scrofula? No, none of those seemed quite severe enough to account for those screams!

Then Papa happened to walk out of the room with her, mid-episode. The screaming quieted! In fact, she seemed fine as long as he kept wandering around the house, the front steps, the patio, the garage... in short, just keep moving. Those bright little eyes watch the ceiling, look out the windows, fix on a passing desklamp; but stop more than half a minute, and the cries returned.

We think we may have found who got Papa's travel gene.

P.S. We gave it a valiant effort, but she's sharp enough to have worked out that the rocking chair really isn't going anywhere. Up and walking with changing scenery is what she demands. Surprisingly, the bouncy chair, if agitated violently enough, will keep her quiet. We don't think she's fooled, though; more likely, she figures one of these days, we'll accidentally bounce it just a little too hard and catapult her somewhere interesting, like maybe our kangaroo pod bush! (Or Australia -- I'm sure Australia would meet with her approval... for about 30 seconds!)
Papa and Mariella, both in a better mood

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fourth of July at Pismo Beach

On July 4th, in observance of the holiday, we took the girls for a walk on the beach.
As usual on this holiday, it was madly crowded both down the beach...
... and up!

The girls seem to like pretending to be baby kangaroos.
Eventually, we got the bright idea of having a passerby take a photo of all four of us!

We got back from this outing fairly tired, and got the girls ready for bed, but they kept looking at us as if to ask "So that was fun, what's next?"
So, though we don't have photos to prove it, we drove to a parking area that (sort of) overlooked the beach fireworks and watched while doing a feeding. Nursing in the car and diaper changes on the grass were a novel experience. Thankfully, we managed to tire the girls out, though our days of being able to do this are probably numbered!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Peaceful Contentment

Coming to

the end


a very full week!