Friday, June 11, 2010

Bungee Jumping

When a baby is borned
All slicker than snot
There's a good chance you'll catch him
...then again, you might not!

All the insiders know
There's a term for this sport
It's, er, um, "Baby" something...
Oh, I know! "Bungee Jumping!"

The umbilical cord
Is a marvelous part,
But to leap quite without it
Is (forgive me) un-smart!

We've decided our twins
Must have grown a mite bored
They keep trying these back flips
"Whoa! Again? Where's your cord?!?"

The half-done half-gainer
Gets arrested mid-air
With a quick clutching grasp
And this cry of despair

Soon enough they will learn
Old Gravity's rule
But with parents to catch 'em
They're convinced this is cool!

If you hang by your hips
On Papa's trapeze
You can drool in reverse
As you tickle his knees!

All the world looks a hoot
From an up-side-down view!
Were it not for these diapers
We could pee uphill, too!

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