Monday, October 27, 2008

Where We Live Now

Here are a few pics of home in the desert.
Jack likes the cool tile floors.
I like the pass through kitchen window to the outdoor patio table.
There are three bedrooms, and Case is happy one of the bedrooms is converted to an office!
The owners are happy to rent to us, as they recently remodeled the bathrooms and went over budget. They hope to balance the budget via vacation rentals over Palm Springs' winter high season.
We like the tranquil environment.
Case likes outdoor greenery,
and being only a mile from work,

straight down this street, past the park and one block to the right.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Politics, Politics, Politics

A little political humor to finish off the last two weeks of the campaign!

A Place in the Sun Hotel - Palm Springs

A view to the mountains from the front windows.
This picture is for Dad who likes to track the temperature. This was taken at 8:30 AM.
We're very comfortable and will be staying here four days.
The front room. Case feels very at home here, it reminds him of some place in his childhood...maybe Thailand.
The view out the window to the pool. We took a swim last night after our run. A nice salt water pool that they keep set to 87 degrees. The water felt just right.
A completely private backyard.
We'd recommend staying here Their garden areas are well maintained and everything is sparkling clean and reasonably priced.

Monday, October 20, 2008

On the Road Again!

This has been home for the past month as Case has been working in Palm Springs. I've really enjoyed being able to live outdoors in the mornings and evenings, sitting on the porch or around the pool. This house feels larger than it really is when counting the backyard and patio as part of the living space!
I am in the midst of packing up our things, as other people recently signed a long term lease agreement on this property.
We'll be staying a few nights in a small vacation rental here in Palm Springs. This week we are looking for a condo to rent through the month of December. Case expects it will take two months for lawyers to put together a contract and paperwork to be signed to finalize work here in the desert.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Outing to the Pumpkin Patch

In the midst of 90 degree weather, fall must be nearing, as leaves show hints of color and pumpkins ripen.

This weekend, Case and I joined family, including "Oma" (Case's sister), Aunt, Uncle and the grand kids, exploring the pumpkin patch.
I was entertained watching the little ones' close encounters with sheep and goats. One child, just tall enough to look a sheep right in the eyes, stood with a surprised look on her face, as the sheep took a lick of her lips.
Two teens stood in the middle of a circle coordinating chaos, as little farmers drove John Deer tractors. I found myself grinning as they practiced steering, created grid lock, or distracted, drove into each other.
I enjoyed the day!

Monday, October 06, 2008

A Sunday Adventure

Since arriving in Palm Springs, we've been looking at ways to bring the scooter out to the desert from Fullerton. It would have been simple enough to rent a pick up truck, load it up and haul it here, but I became intrigued by the adventure of riding the scooter from Fullerton to Palm Springs. (Usually a 1.5 hour trip by car.) Case, the navigator in the family, spent the next week planning out the possible routes, and fantasizing about the opportunity to purchase a new GPS system.

Case looks forward to navigating the route, while Jack disdainfully wonders about his crazy staff!

After dark our route came to the edge of the Morongo Indian reservation, and an imposing guard house, guard, probing surveillance cameras and two gates. Not having a residence sticker we were quickly refused passage. Case and I "pow-wowed" together before setting out in search of another way, wondering our way through a few hopeful possibilities. After some exploration our only route seemed to be the 10 Freeway.

Hoping to avoid the 10 Freeway we decided I'd try the Morongo guard route one more time. I was hopeful my female persuasion might find some grace. Arriving once again at the guard gate I explained my predicament to the guard, he looked at me with a surprised glance, "You rode that from Fullerton!" Some what proud, I was also hopeful I'd found an ounce of mercy. Quickly his surprised expression passed and mercy disappeared. NO!...So much for my female persuasion!

It seemed our options were, spend the night in Morongo, or take the freeway. A bit reluctantly, we decided to take the freeway. What a relief! That mile on the freeway shoulder was a whole lot easier then trying to find our way around the Morongo Indians!

Revitalized we continued on. Six hours after starting out, intrigue and adventure satisfied, (for a while) we were happy to see the Palm Springs city limit signs!