Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jack's Just Not Himself

We've been noticing over the past two weeks that Jack has been losing his appetite. For Jack, this is a major departure from the norm!
Now, he's taken to hiding out in the back bedroom all day. Yesterday, we decided things were getting sufficiently worrisome that he should be subjected to a veterinary checkup. Jack endured prodding and blood tests. We were told he is quite anemic, but will hear nothing further until Monday when the tests are back.Today, after spending the entire day in his newly-selected "den" under the bedside table in our back guest suite (where he finds little use for his food, water, and litter box), he came out for a few minutes and actually showed a little of his old spunk and curiosity.
We lavished him with loving attention and a gentle grooming.Throughout the day, he had purred contentedly when we looked in on him and then stayed to scratch his cheeks. So, all in all, we see some improvement over last night, when he was decidedly out of sorts after being force-fed antibiotics.
Following a few minutes of affection and brushing this evening he returned to his den, which I've tried to make cozy with a soft pillow, his blanket, food dish, water and his litter box close by.

Usually he sleeps in our room at the foot of the bed, so last night we followed his change of venue and moved ourselves into the back bedroom to be near him. Apparently, we are very loyal, well trained, and loving staff!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday Presents

Thanks for the birthday well wishes on my 37th birthday. My birthday present is a dutch style bicycle, I really wanted Case to ride with me also, so Case got a bicycle for my birthday too! I had a fun evening riding together through the neighborhood.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Central California Coast from the Air

Case took us up for a birds eye view of the coastline. Jolene's mom, Cheryl, in the air just after take off from San Luis Obispo airport.
Dad, Ivan, sits in the co-pilot seat today as we head south from San Luis and circle over Arroyo Grande.
Now headed north along Pismo Beach and the pier,
next comes Shell Beach,
then Avila Beach,
followed by Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant,
Morro Bay and Morro Rock
and finally Hearst Castle, just getting clipped off by a wing as we turn around and head south back to San Luis airport.
There is more left to explore on your next visit!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jolene's Parents Visit Memorial Day Weekend

Jolene's parents Ivan and Cheryl come for a weekend visit and bring along their bicycles.
Dad, on his mark...
Mom, getting set...
and we're all ready to go!
Hwy 1 and Pier St. the entrance to Pismo Beach sand dunes and off road recreational vehicle area... about 7 miles from home.
Taking a break along the way... Monarch butterfly's congregate here in the eucalyptus trees in the winter and spring seasons, none today.
We've made it to Pismo Beach Pier!
Then on to Shell Beach
where a Dutch man, on a Dutch bicycle,
discovers a windmill.
Dad looks across from Shell Beach to Pismo Beach at the city of motor homes, trailers and ATVs strewn across the dunes for the holiday weekend.
Mom contemplates the distance she's covered...time to go home!
Pushing our bikes up the longest hill, and still smiling, almost home!
We arrive home and drive down to Pismo Beach to watch the sunset into a bank of fog! Another wonderful day!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Sabbath/Saturday Afternoon

We take a drive up the coast to Cambria, CA.

Time for a bit of something to eat at Moonstone Beach. Mmmm....
sweet potato fries. Case ordered these and Jolene had never tried them before, the fries with the sauce were a hit and we polished off every single one!
Moonstone Beach, Cambria, California.
Taking the boardwalk stroll along the beach.
Leaving the zoom on again....I love these silly pictures when they accidentally happen!

Hanging with the sea lion and her pup.
We leave the sea lion and her pup behind and wonder back to San Luis Obispo.
After hearing a rather "fundamentalist" sermon earlier in the day we are drawn to the San Luis Obispo Mission (c. 1772),
where we attended Mass to "restore the balance".
We finished our evening at the Cal Ploy concert hall in San Luis, where we heard the Cuesta Master Chorale & orchestra Brahm's Requiem. A lovely day!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Vancouver BC Race Day

Jon, Gary, Jolene and Case are up and at the front door just before 6:30am, excited that the predicted morning rain is instead fair sunny skies! Jolene is up and smiling but doesn't have her eyes open yet.
Case and Jolene waiting for the start gun.
Were off! Coming into Stanley Park just out of downtown Vancouver.
Gaile and Julia, part of the cheering squad, take their places right outside our hotel awaiting the runners.
Possible future runners David and Mathew watch and wait

to cheer Dad on!
Jon shows us how the half marathon is done, later coming in with a 1:46.
Inspiring views of Vancouver on a surprisingly sunny day!

Uncle Gary put in his time training for this marathon and we were all hopeful his great efforts would pay off.
The half marathon had a steep .5 mile hill.
This pic was taken on the fly maybe somewhere around mile 7.
Stanley Park with great views of the city made this course a lot of fun.

Runners glow at the finish line, Case and I sport endorphin pumped smiles after posting a 2:22 for the half marathon.
Uncle Gary basks in his accomplishment, a Boston Marathon qualifying time of 3:45! All those training runs paid off!
Runners glow and plastic wraps help shrug off the cool breezes that quickly cool our sweaty bodies.
It was then time to pack up and head back across the boarder where Gary and Gail dropped us off at the Seattle airport.
It was a short fun filled memory packed weekend!