Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Sabbath/Saturday Afternoon

We take a drive up the coast to Cambria, CA.

Time for a bit of something to eat at Moonstone Beach. Mmmm....
sweet potato fries. Case ordered these and Jolene had never tried them before, the fries with the sauce were a hit and we polished off every single one!
Moonstone Beach, Cambria, California.
Taking the boardwalk stroll along the beach.
Leaving the zoom on again....I love these silly pictures when they accidentally happen!

Hanging with the sea lion and her pup.
We leave the sea lion and her pup behind and wonder back to San Luis Obispo.
After hearing a rather "fundamentalist" sermon earlier in the day we are drawn to the San Luis Obispo Mission (c. 1772),
where we attended Mass to "restore the balance".
We finished our evening at the Cal Ploy concert hall in San Luis, where we heard the Cuesta Master Chorale & orchestra Brahm's Requiem. A lovely day!

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leander said...

found your site googling Gouda, Holland. while browsing Ramblin' Rover attracted to entry 'A Sabbath / Saturday Afternoon '

you observe the 7th-day Sabbath ? i do.