Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jack's Just Not Himself

We've been noticing over the past two weeks that Jack has been losing his appetite. For Jack, this is a major departure from the norm!
Now, he's taken to hiding out in the back bedroom all day. Yesterday, we decided things were getting sufficiently worrisome that he should be subjected to a veterinary checkup. Jack endured prodding and blood tests. We were told he is quite anemic, but will hear nothing further until Monday when the tests are back.Today, after spending the entire day in his newly-selected "den" under the bedside table in our back guest suite (where he finds little use for his food, water, and litter box), he came out for a few minutes and actually showed a little of his old spunk and curiosity.
We lavished him with loving attention and a gentle grooming.Throughout the day, he had purred contentedly when we looked in on him and then stayed to scratch his cheeks. So, all in all, we see some improvement over last night, when he was decidedly out of sorts after being force-fed antibiotics.
Following a few minutes of affection and brushing this evening he returned to his den, which I've tried to make cozy with a soft pillow, his blanket, food dish, water and his litter box close by.

Usually he sleeps in our room at the foot of the bed, so last night we followed his change of venue and moved ourselves into the back bedroom to be near him. Apparently, we are very loyal, well trained, and loving staff!

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