Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jolene's Parents Visit Memorial Day Weekend

Jolene's parents Ivan and Cheryl come for a weekend visit and bring along their bicycles.
Dad, on his mark...
Mom, getting set...
and we're all ready to go!
Hwy 1 and Pier St. the entrance to Pismo Beach sand dunes and off road recreational vehicle area... about 7 miles from home.
Taking a break along the way... Monarch butterfly's congregate here in the eucalyptus trees in the winter and spring seasons, none today.
We've made it to Pismo Beach Pier!
Then on to Shell Beach
where a Dutch man, on a Dutch bicycle,
discovers a windmill.
Dad looks across from Shell Beach to Pismo Beach at the city of motor homes, trailers and ATVs strewn across the dunes for the holiday weekend.
Mom contemplates the distance she's covered...time to go home!
Pushing our bikes up the longest hill, and still smiling, almost home!
We arrive home and drive down to Pismo Beach to watch the sunset into a bank of fog! Another wonderful day!

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