Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We're now in Palm Springs, California

Jack, known for favoring the softest spots in the house, settles into his new digs in Palm Springs. We'll have to post some pictures of this house as it comes with some eye popping edgy color and design from the fifties, seventies and today! We are quite comfortable in this house and we've been informed by the locals that we seemed to have rented in the middle of what they call "Gay Land" in this valley. The locals are full of helpful tips that we we're hoping to learn as we look forward to settling into the valley.

Case came home from his first day on the job, looking forward to exploring the area. He had a favorite restaurant tucked in the back of his head and we ended up at the Marriott Hotel in Desert Hot Springs. As the day light faded a boat pulled up in the main lobby (the boat seems to have faded into the night below!) and took us on a boat ride to Tuscany's.

It was fun to celebrate beginning in a new town and spoiling ourselves with a beautiful evening and tasty Italian food.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sunspot, New Mexico

The parents and Jolene took a trip to the Sacramento mountains north of Las Cruces, while Case was at work. Here in Sunspot, at 9000 ft elevation, is a national observatory for exploration of the sun. Mom and Dad stand by the sundial...
marking the date and time of our visit, September 4, 12:30pm.
We cross paths with a horny toad on our way out to see the telescopes.
A first glimpse of fall colors I've seen this season. Fall is coming!
The telescope for sun observation is 2/3rds underground. We wandered through the telescope where 5 or 6 scientists busied themselves collecting data.
Looking from the mountain top in Sunspot out across White Sands National Monuments and 275 square miles of pure white gypsum (no, the low-lying white stuff isn't fog).

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jolene's Parents Visit White Sands National Monument

Jolene's parents came to stay with us for the week, visiting from Northern California. The four of us took an evening drive out to White Sands National Monument. Here Mom and Dad take a moment for a photo op of their White Sands experience.Inspired graffiti.
Tranquil reflection.
Enjoying the simple pleasure of puddle wading...or walking on water.
Attempting to capture the expanse and view.
Dad tries out the sand between his toes, while mom captures every angle.
The peaceful silence and vivid color of sunset.