Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sunspot, New Mexico

The parents and Jolene took a trip to the Sacramento mountains north of Las Cruces, while Case was at work. Here in Sunspot, at 9000 ft elevation, is a national observatory for exploration of the sun. Mom and Dad stand by the sundial...
marking the date and time of our visit, September 4, 12:30pm.
We cross paths with a horny toad on our way out to see the telescopes.
A first glimpse of fall colors I've seen this season. Fall is coming!
The telescope for sun observation is 2/3rds underground. We wandered through the telescope where 5 or 6 scientists busied themselves collecting data.
Looking from the mountain top in Sunspot out across White Sands National Monuments and 275 square miles of pure white gypsum (no, the low-lying white stuff isn't fog).

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