Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jolene's Mom Visits Arroyo Grande from Sacramento, CA

While Case took a trip to visit family in Walla Walla, WA before the babies arrive, Jolene's mom Cheryl came to visit from Sacramento area and treat Jolene to some special TLC and extra pampering, as well as helping prepare for the babies arrival. Along with being chauffeur, driving around town so Jolene could remain reclining in the passengers seat, mom shopped for the remaining odds and ends we needed for babies, while Jolene remained reclining in the car. With permission, mom even brought items out to the car for Jolene's inspection before purchase.
Besides being certain Jolene and the babies were being well fed and cared for, mom, an expert at following detailed directions, got ambitious and began assembling the babies bouncy seats with great success.
Then mom moved on to assembling the stroller. We were a bit disappointed with the stroller, and upon taking it back to the store discovered we were attempting to attach the car seats to the stroller facing the wrong direction! Problem solved we left the store much happier with the product.

Jolene 32 weeks pregnant

Thanks mom for everything, the food, running around the house to get things for me so I could remain resting, errand running, shopping, driving, assembling baby items and everything else you did to provide TLC for me and your grand-daughters-to-be!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ultrasound Update

From yesterdays ultrasound Doctors say the babies are growing well and describe them as large for their age. This is good news as larger babies do better if they happen to arrive a little early. I am now at 31 weeks one day, and the babies weigh approximately 4lbs and 4lbs 6oz. Currently they are both in the breech position, but Doctors say baby A could maybe still turn around, and at the same time they are beginning to talk about a c-section. We'll wait and see!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 30 of Pregnancy

First toys for our girls, gifts from friends who came for breakfast today.
I love these really cool wood puzzles from Costa Rica.
Here is the belly, in all its glory, at 30 weeks. So far no stretch marks, at least from Jolene's vantage point above.
Most times, however, the tum and the twins are more modest, and stay covered in public. They say black clothes are slimming...(The pink orchids are a Valentine's gift from Case to Jolene.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Run, Montana de Oro State Park, San Luis Obispo County

Case and I got up bright and early Valentines morning for Case to participate in a trail run at Montana de Oro State Park along the San Luis Obispo Coast. Events included a wide range of distances from 8k to 50k.
Case decided to participate in the 8k event. (ck: No one who knows me will be surprised; I went for the 8k only because there was no 1k scooter riding event. Might not have gotten up the energy to do the 8k, but some of my staff invited me to join them. And then they went and slept in, claiming sore muscles and tendons. Slackers!!!!). Waiting for the start, he keeps Jolene company while he keeps warm in the car.
While Case ran, Jolene enjoyed the beautiful outdoor sights, smells, and sounds while reclining (per dr's instructions) in the car. It's nice to get out!
Along the coast...

the uphill...
a self portrait on the fly...
some downhill....
and the finish area. Nice run! Next time maybe Jolene will be able to participate too!
(ck: You notice how virtually all the photos are of the backs of all the people ahead of me? I shot some good ones over my shoulder, showing the empty trail behind me, but Jolene tactfully left those out! I could have shot a few of the 5% body fat 50k contestants; they were amazing! And once the starter pistol sounded, they were also gone!)

Jolene's portion of Valentines day included a tour of the maternity ward, OR, and NICU of Sierra Vista Hospital in San Luis Obispo where the twins will be born .... along with a stop at Harry and David's for tasty treats including Royal Riviera pears. While being pregnant Jolene's fresh fruit cravings have been stronger than ever!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Exploring Carrizo Plain, Middle-of-no-where, California

Every wonder what lies between the central California coast and Bakersfield, California? Case decided to take us exploring to find out, and following the last few weeks of on and off rain the rolling hills and plains are beautiful bright and fresh winter/spring green.
Just shy of 29 weeks into pregnancy and following Dr. orders to remain in the recline position as much as possible, Jolene was happy to get out of the house and go exploring, all be it mostly in the recline position!
Time stands still at this old 76 Union station.
But this was what Case was really looking for, out-in-the-middle-of-no-where muddy dirt roads! After following a few failed GPS routes that ended up blocked by gates or no trespassing signs, we came across Carrizo Plain, a flat expanse between the central California Coast hills and the rolling hills that boarder the central California valley, and miles and miles of muddy dirt roads, soul refreshing vast expanse and solitude.
The GPS insists we turn right on Soda Lake Road, after inspecting the deep carved ravine that may have once been Soda Lake Road, we decided maybe not!
The ever changing sky filled with clouds with occasional rain showers scattered across the plain. The rain left the road passable but some what slippery, we guessed the dirt road had a high clay content.
Sun spots poke through the low hanging rain clouds and brighten the plain.
After 40+ miles of clay mud roads our trusty 4-wheel-drive Audi needs a bath.
Two times through the local car wash left a lot of mud in the car wash, but didn't remove the clumps of clay stuck to the doors and wheel wells.
Sunday found Case washing the car for the third time, bright and sparkling inside and out! Thanks Babe, for fun times and a very clean car!