Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jolene's Mom Visits Arroyo Grande from Sacramento, CA

While Case took a trip to visit family in Walla Walla, WA before the babies arrive, Jolene's mom Cheryl came to visit from Sacramento area and treat Jolene to some special TLC and extra pampering, as well as helping prepare for the babies arrival. Along with being chauffeur, driving around town so Jolene could remain reclining in the passengers seat, mom shopped for the remaining odds and ends we needed for babies, while Jolene remained reclining in the car. With permission, mom even brought items out to the car for Jolene's inspection before purchase.
Besides being certain Jolene and the babies were being well fed and cared for, mom, an expert at following detailed directions, got ambitious and began assembling the babies bouncy seats with great success.
Then mom moved on to assembling the stroller. We were a bit disappointed with the stroller, and upon taking it back to the store discovered we were attempting to attach the car seats to the stroller facing the wrong direction! Problem solved we left the store much happier with the product.

Jolene 32 weeks pregnant

Thanks mom for everything, the food, running around the house to get things for me so I could remain resting, errand running, shopping, driving, assembling baby items and everything else you did to provide TLC for me and your grand-daughters-to-be!

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