Thursday, March 04, 2010

Baby Shower for Our Girls

The ladies of the Arroyo Grande Church asked to throw a baby shower to celebrate our little girls pending arrival. (Not that it doesn't look and feel like they're here already -- chk)
They asked what we needed and Jolene's first thought was lots and lots of diapers. So, the church members stocked us up. We received 1,051 diapers, enough for about two months (or 5 days, more likely -- chk) and won't have to run out to buy diapers at a moment's notice. Thank you everyone!

This group of ladies represents the loving church family that has adopted us into their lives over the last year.
A matching pair of cute jammies, very useful!
Terri graciously played assistant, doing the heavy lifting and assisting so Jolene wouldn't have any abdominal straining, per doctor's orders. (Belly laughs don't count? -- chk) Terri and Steve are parents of 10-year-old twin boys, and so have been a good source of support, understanding, and tips on raising twins.
Lots of pink wrapping and many gifts of diapers and other useful baby paraphernalia.
Mary hosted the shower in her home with assistance from Kari and Bonnie who brought cake and fruit salad.
Anne lovingly hand knitted two baby blankets for the twins.
Nancy, Norma Jean, Rhonda, Michelle, Doris, Carol and Lynda looking on.
Two matching baby bath robes and wash mitts to get the girls clean and keep them warm at bath time!

Many thanks to the Arroyo Grande church for their loving support and generosity as we anticipate the babies' arrival. Along with a special thanks to Jill for taking pictures!


marjan said...

Wow, that looks like fun. Good luck on the last few weeks.

Case and Jolene said...

Thanks Marjan! These last few weeks will pass quickly...we're stocking up on rest, relaxation and sleep!
Love to your family!