Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Fresh strawberry pie to celebrate,
after dinner at "Mama's Meatball" Italian Restaurant on the beach in Oceano, just a short drive from our digs. It was our first time to this little dive; we'd heard good things about their authentic Italian food. Couldn't say if it was really authentic, but it tasted as good as anything we ate in Italy, and we'll definitely be back.

Yes, Jolene needs a bib as her food seems to land on her protruding tummy. When she returned to the table from washing her hands before dinner, Case commented that her tumm arrived several seconds before the rest of her!
Traditionally, the first anniversary gift is paper, second cotton, third leather. At our house, the fourth wedding anniversary netted home electronics. (Hoping to start a trend... -- chk) We got a home theater receiver/amplifier to go with our disc player and (woefully small, but Jolene wouldn't go for bigger -- chk) TV. The Fed Ex man was admiring the receiver when he delivered it to the door, so apparently Case did his usual thorough research before purchasing. (I usually find pretty good deals on higher end equipment, but I haven't a hope of beating Jolene's frugal clothes shopping. Then again, I don't change my computers and other toys as often as Jolene changes her wardrobe. Almost, but not *quite* as often! -- chk)
A very happy husband setting up the new receiver and in command of three remotes! (Three remotes is the bare minimum for any man. -- chk)
Getting the new receiver meant we could move our previous music system -- a pair of iPod speakers -- to the baby room, where the clothes are washed and hung in preparation
and the closet is stocked with >1,000 diapers ready to go (thanks to the generosity of our church family who held a diaper party for Jolene). At 10 diapers per day per baby, that's less than a two month supply! (Egad!!!!! -- chk)

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