Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pre-natal Class Reunion & Photo Op

Our prenatal class had a reunion, hosted by one of the members. After lunch and chat, we took the obligatory group photo of the babies produced from the many baby bumps we watched grow over the 6 weeks of our class.
We took video of the chaotic scramble that resulted in this shot. It's even funnier.

As you can see, Anneka (left) was hollering, while Mariella fell asleep on a nearby shoulder. (That's the opposite of usual, but the girls trade personalities on a regular basis.) Not sure who that is that Mariella fell asleep against, but the poor thing seems to be worried about cooties. On the far right are Oscar and Albert, the other twins in our group, due the same day as ours, though they came a bit later (39th week).

On arriving home from the soiree, we decided to try to get the perfect photo of the girls all dressed up in the party frocks that Auntie Ginger sent. What follows is essentially a photo essay on the trials of baby photography:

The babies came home expecting food, not primping and fussing for a photo. They weren't happy about this diversion of their plans, and they had no problem expressing their disapproval.

We surrendered to their needs only to a point; those dresses wouldn't be photo quality at the end of the usual 1 hour feed.
Food and binkies sufficed to calm them...

...allowing us to snap this photo. Awwww, aren't they cute?

Yeah, cute for about 2 and a half seconds. We were lucky to get that shot, as they rapidly re-registered their complaints...

And we of course surrendered

Happy babies are a beautiful thing.

We have learned to deeply appreciate such beauty.

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Ginger said...

I say, check out what A & M have been up to whilst I was off in China and unable to access blogs! How delightful that you had them model the frocks from Auntie G. And created a good read while at it. Thanks!