Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is sending out and receiving Christmas cards. Our basket is filling up with cards from friends and family. After getting married the Christmas list has a more international theme and I've enjoyed sending and receiving cards from relatives in Holland and friends from abroad, some that I've had a chance to meet this past year. I love posting the pictures on the fridge and the fridge is filling up as the December days pass!
Last Friday night we attended Glory of Christmas at the Crystal Cathedral with Jolene's parents. It is quite a presentation of the Christmas story complete with live camels, sheep, goats and "flying" angels who arrive and are whisked away via tracks and cables suspended from the roof.

Out front was a giant christmas tree COVERED with lights.
Christmas Eve we relaxed made dinner at home and enjoyed holiday cheer together via a walk through the neighborhood christmas lights and reading Christmas stories.

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