Monday, July 07, 2008


One thing I (Jolene) picked up while we were on the road was doing puzzles. I started this one back last fall while we were in Redding, CA, but once arriving home to Fullerton it had sat unfinished on our dining room table waiting to be completed, while I was getting back to work and occupied with other things.I finally sat down and started working on it again and then Case joined me on his weekends home. We finally finished it (all 1500 pieces!)a number of weeks ago, each taking a piece and placing it in as the last ceremonial piece. Now it proudly sits on our dining room table and I am gaining the courage to take it apart and put it away, but first I bought another puzzle to start the process all over again!

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Anonymous said...

I love doing puzzles, too, but usually stick to 500 or 1000. That one is pretty. When I take it apart, I put all the pieces upside down in the box and then slide them out on a flat board, so I don't have to spend so much time turning them over!!

Emily Dunston