Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Bluff Above Shell Beach, Central Coast California

I guess working away from our home in Fullerton isn't enough for Case. He finds excuses for weekend travel away from his traveling job! At least he picks good spots... We just spent a couple days exploring the Central Coast of California. "Home" base was The Cliffs in Shell Beach (just north of Pismo Beach).
After our evening arrival, we took a stroll along the bluffs overlooking the Pacific.
Along the way, we ran into my twin! (Fraternal, of course.) I'd noticed we were dressed alike, but decided not to comment. Her husband, however, also noticed and struck up a conversation. They are from Fresno and hope to retire to this part of the coast some day. (Sound's nice!)
Down below, surfers bobbed in the swell, waiting for the perfect wave and perhaps suppressing thoughts of sharks.
The view north toward Avila Beach...
... we waste time & pixels on numerous attempts to capture the sunset on, um, silicon.

From our hotel, a public access path drops down to the beach.
Visitors are cautioned by this sign that Case says must have been made necessary by blondes and Californians.
One last snap shot as the light fades...

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Ginger said...

Lovely photos! I like how the flash picked up the red in the foreground in the last picture.