Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Rittenbach's Christmas Visit

Jon, Gaile and the kids took the time to drive up to see us during their Christmas visit from home in Walla Walla, WA, to see family in the Loma Linda area of Southern California. It's a 4+ hour drive with Baby Julia and the boys, so we really appreciated the effort!
Since we last saw her Julia has taken to walking!
Matthew and David took us up on our offer of a backyard tent bedroom. Julia would have liked to join them, but mom and dad thought it wise to wait a few years.
After breakfast the next morning, it was off for a walk to the playground where Matthew and David tried out the teeter-totter.
Jon, Gaile, and the boys attended closely as Julia took her first slide...
and first swing on the swing set!
David got mom to give him a push on the swing!

Soon it was time for the Rittenbach family to head back to Loma Linda, to spend Christmas with Gaile's family. To break up the drive and give Case and Jon some "play time", the boys all flew the first leg of the trip in the airplane. Mom and Julia flew lower, in the SUV. Their relative speeds meant the boys had time for an air tour of Pismo Dunes, Avila Beach, Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant, and Morrow Bay before they buzzed down to Camarrillo Airport just in time to meet mom and Julia.

Thanks for coming to play with us. We had fun!

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