Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Nursery

I am feeling lots of kicks and strong movement in my 26th week of pregnancy.
Our nursery came together quite nicely with Case's efforts in assembling the nursery furniture with Grandpa Ivan's assistance at Christmas time, and then Case gave the finishing touch by recently hanging the curtains and quilt.
These warm Canadian booties are a gift from my friend Heather.
This comfortable rocker-swivel-recliner has already come in handy as some nights I spend part of the night sleeping here, as I search around for a comfortable sleep position. Although people tell me my tummy looks small, as they expect me to look much bigger with twins, but no worries I still have three months to go!
The nursery theme is barnyard friends with lots of sheep, ducks and bunnies! The nursery mascot is Heineken, a very cute stuffed sheep we adopted while visiting Holland in 2007. (He sits by the left side of the crib below.)
And yes, we only have one crib set up for our twin girls. We hear while they are small they might like sleeping close to each other. Spending time in the nursery, it seems a little more real that we have two little girls on the way!

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