Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Close Encounter of the Frog Kind

Last night was a rainy, cool desert evening. I was relaxing watching the Democratic Convention on TV while Case was playing/working with his computer. I frequently leave the patio door cracked open so Jack, our cat, can go out to the patio. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I noticed movement, but I decided it was just Jack's tail twitching from behind the coffee table. That's when Case walked back into the room, caught sight of something, too, and announced, "There 's a frog in here!"
The poor little guy must have been terrified upon being discovered and dove for cover under the entertainment center with Case dogging his webbed footprints flashlight in hand. Hillary was completely forgotten (don't tell her that!) as the frog stole center stage.
Somehow, Case coxed the little guy out, no doubt informing him that he'd just entered the territory of Jack the Cat and his little life could be in danger.
We carried him out to the patio, and pulled the screen door shut. He could maybe spend the night on the patio out of the rain but out of Jack's reach, or just hop back out into the wet.
We're not sure what he ended up deciding, but he wasn't out there this morning, and Jack still seemed hungry at breakfast...


Ginger said...

What a CUTE little fellow!

hema.gro said...

Oh, he's so cute..