Friday, August 01, 2008

Sky & Weather, Las Cruces, New Mexico

The Las Cruces skyscape is endlessly fascinating. And the weather isn't always what you'd expect.
Not long ago, the weekend after a hurricane blew into Texas from the Gulf, we tried to take an outing to a park at the foot of the Organ Mountains about 15 miles out of town.
The park is called "Dripping Springs", but this day, with the combination of the desert "monsoon season" and the vestiges of the hurricane, it might have been "Drenching Springs".
A photo through mist & rain worthy of Alaska was about all we managed...
... before we headed back to town.In better weather, the sky is still full of interest.
While our photos might not be up to "Arizona Highways" magazine standards, the sunsets we've tried to capture certainly are. (Try clicking on the photos for the full effect...)

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