Saturday, January 31, 2009

Airport Bathrooms

Over the past two years on the road, I've developed a great fondness for the blessings of a comfortable, clean, functioning bathroom. Somehow, it feels like home to me. In trying to explain this to Case, I asked, "You know how everyone does a quick assessment of a new bathroom just after walking in -- is it clean, is it supplied, is it comfortable, or am I better off outside?"

He gave me a blank look: "No."

Well, he ought to know it about me! He's been there many of the times when I walked into a bathroom and walked straight back out to find a bush!

To me, a good bathroom is a peaceful, quiet place on the earth were one spends part of every day, preparing for the day, cleaning up following the day, and with an occasional visit in between. Just call me a bathroom connoisseur.

What with Case's plane and all, we spend time in airports here and there, and I can tell you that airport bathrooms can be an adventure. I've experienced the non-existent, find-a-bush type at a nameless airstrip in the middle of eastern Oregon, and the opulent, marble-lined "La Toilette des Dames" at "Million Air" in Monterey, CA, where they cater to private jet travellers with single-use toiletries (toothbrushes, tiny bottles of mouthwash, etc.) and little linen washcloths that you use and then drop into a hamper for laundering.

Recently, this little bathroom at Stellar Airpark in Chandler, AZ, got my vote for function, fashion, and humor. Wispy white clouds set off the blue-sky walls, accented with a wide selection of both functional and fashionable airplane magazines.

The extra-large, bright orange dispenser for hand degreaser adds a cheery touch along with the economy-size bathroom spray.
TP abounds, a man-sized plunger sits close at hand and the blue sign insists on cleanliness. For humor, some silly (or perhaps experienced?) soul finished off the room with a gas mask conveniently placed for immediate use.

For what it's worth, here's my vote for a bathroom done well & superbly matched to its clientelle!

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