Friday, January 16, 2009

Cat Fight

Jack reflects on the morning...

Jack and I continue to settle into the house this morning while Case is off at work. Jack's idea of settling in is finding the softest, warmest, most comfortable spot for an all morning snooze. So far it seems this ideal location is a sunny spot, on the bed, in our middle guest room curled up on his blue blanket. The morning was quietly passing by as I caught up with news and friends, before returning to my window washing project.

In the midst of my chatty internet conversation a loud howl, cat screams and a mad tussle broke out somewhere near by, a rare occurrence with Jack (but sadly, with cats in our family). I jumped to my feet concerned, knowing that Jack, a rather large dominant male, is well able to handle his WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destruction) . Tearing into a neighbor cat wouldn't be the best way to introduce himself to our new neighborhood.

Running for the open patio door, I heard another round of the brawl erupt. Immediately reversing my direction, I headed back into the house toward the middle bedroom. Turning the corner into the hallway I nearly stepped on a cat running scared, headed for the nearest door of escape. Jack was full tilt right on his tail, but I sat on Jack, pinning him between the floor and the wall. Focused, and being a big strong cat, Jack wiggled free leaving me sitting on the floor. Jack again pursued the neighborhood cat, who hunkered down hissing as he discovered his exit door, unlike his entrance door, was closed off with a screen. My eyes were glued on both cats, and I prepared myself to see fur fly as I got to my feet. But this time Jack stood down, maybe fearful of being sat on again.

They continued to snarl and hiss at each other at close range. Collecting myself from the floor, I scooped up Jack and let the neighborhood cat, who was wearing a collar, out the screened door.

before taking another shnoooz.

So far, Jack is not scoring so well on "plays well with others", but we'll give him a break seeing he may have been rudely invaded upon during his kitty dreams!


Ginger said...

Whew. Am I imagining it, or does Jack's expression still look mad?

Case and Jolene said...

Yea, that first picture he doesn't look happy about what just went down. But he seems to get over it!

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