Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whale Watching, The Big Island

Betsy, Rod, William and Jennifer (pictured further in the blog) are also here attending the same meetings. This morning was a meeting free morning and we joined together for a boat trip and whale watching.

We started out under early morning over cast watching the clouds part and sun rays stream through lighting the island.
Along the journey we listened to whales sing, via a microphone in the water, scanning the water as humpback whales surfaced waving their tails toward us before diving into the bright blue depths.
Our guide was hopeful for an "active morning" of close encounters but today the whales stayed more in the distance playing in and around the sea kayaks. Note to self: rent a kayak next time.
Case catches up with Jennifer, whose husband William also attended the Phoenix meeting we attended in the past month.
A turtle comes to say good-bye as our journey ends and we return for lunch before Case returns to meetings and Jolene socializes with new acquaintances.

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