Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hiking the Narrows: Zion National Park, Utah

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Entering Zion National Park via the bus transit system, the ranger pointed out the sights and named sandstone cliffs around us.
We were interested in taking the bus up into the river-carved canyon to the end of the road. From there a walking path follows the river winding through the narrowing canyon. Eventually the path ends and hikers must take to wading the river. As the canyon narrows, the water varies from ankle to knee deep, and deeper.
In our opinion, this is the only way to spend a 100 degree day -- deep down in a shady canyon, wading in cool water, negotiating the rocky river bottom in Tevas (sandles) and shorts.
On the trail.

Looking high overhead from the depths of the shaded canyon to the sky above.
We stopped for lunch on a rock along the river.
Passing hikers/waders commented on our Subway sandwiches, somewhat soggy but still delicious after having been driven, bussed, hiked, and waded into this spot from far away Cedar City.
Pulling over for a pit stop!
In the river with the sandstone walls towering above us...what a fun unique hike!
Case gets a photo of the waist deep water, the deepest place we waded through. The cool water felt good and our clothes dried fast in the hot and dry climate.

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