Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation: On our way to Cedar City, Utah

After stopping by to visit and have lunch with mom, dad, and Grandma Bauer in Penryn, CA, we headed east for southern Utah.
We flew east across the Sierra Nevadas just south of Lake Tahoe, California.
At 12,000 feet the tops of the majestic Sierra Neveda Mountains were just a thousand feet or so below us.
After crossing the desert regions of Nevada and Utah we came into Cedar City, Utah. The sun was low in the sky highlighting the red of the surrounding cliffs
We turned south to explore the beautiful cliffs of Zion National Park.
Rugged beauty!
We're looking forward to a closer look tomorrow, but it's so much fun to see it from above first.
The flight back from Zion toward Cedar City took us into the sunset's red hue.
At the airport, Case was excited to see all the Navion airplanes here for the 2009 Navion Convention!


AMY said...

Hi Case and Jolene:

It looks like you are still getting your traveling in! Good for you!

I am so sorry to hear about Jack! My heart goes out to you as it so difficult to lose a beloved pet!

Have fun in Zion. We were out there last fall. Southern Utah was beautiful and Zion was our favorite.

Being animal lovers....if you get a chance go to Best Friends in Kanab Utah. It was maybe 30 miles from Zion (although we did a lot of driving and my memory could be failing me on the distance). There were a lot of Rebel flags in Kanab, which made us a little nervous,(LOL) but it is so worth the trip. One day......we plan to go back so we can volunteer. I want to play with the animals and Ty (the photographer) can take pictures of the animals for them.

Hope you are both doing well!!

Love, Amy & Ty

Case and Jolene said...

Hi Amy and Ty,

Nice to hear from you!

I really enjoyed Zion yesterday and looking forward to returning.

Best Friends in Kanab Utah sounds intriguing!

Our love to you both,