Monday, November 16, 2009

The Strip, Las Vegas

Off to explore the resorts and casinos on the strip -- a multi-cultural experience for Jolene, and a glitzy reminder of farther-flung travels for Case.
Welcome to Paris, Las Vegas.
Pregnant lady has noticed her wardrobe options shrinking as time progresses, so she was happy to come across a "Gap Maternity" store! Back home on California's Central Coast, shopping is more limited, so this was an opportunity for larger selection and good deals. We pretended we were back on the real Champs-Élysées, though we were happy to do without EU prices!
Then we were off for a bite of Jolene's favorite French meal. Eating for three has definitely increased her appetite! Case's, too, though we're not sure quite how that works.
What with giving Case his chance to sleep in and being surprised by the early sunset (same time zone as home, but much further east), the day passed quickly. Our evening was filled with a tour of Venice (Las Vegas). The stroll between "Paris" and "Venice" was sure a lot shorter than the overnight we spent on the train in Europe...
Get Case near anything even faintly Italian, and he sniffs out a gelato shop!
While we sat "outside", enjoying our gelato beside the "Grand Canal" under a painted sky, a troupe of strolling musicians entertained us with selections from the opera.
We ended the day at a performance of Webber's Phantom of the Opera. Perhaps the management of the Venetian didn't notice that the story is set in Paris (or, more likely, they knew their patrons wouldn't notice). However, the masks and costumes certainly fit the Venetian theme. Good times and a great day!

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