Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009, Sacramento, CA

Thanksgiving is Jolene's favorite holiday. It's non-commercial (well, less-commercial, until "Black Friday" morning dawns), there's lots of good food, and the extended Bauer family always gets together and stages something of a yearly reunion. This year family came from as far as Tennessee and Maryland.
Dinner is done potluck style, with everyone bringing a contribution. We brought green beans, which Jolene prepared with mushrooms and herbs, or with caramelized almonds for those family members (well known, but to remain nameless here) who do not like mushrooms. We were cooking for 33 people, though in the end the group was a little smaller due to a flu outbreak (nothing serious, we understand).
Uncle Don, Jeff and Ivan finish dinner around the pool in Uncle Don & Aunt Gwen's back yard (our hosts this year), enjoying conversation and the warm afternoon sun.
Other family grazed and relaxed in the living room, including three of Jolene's second cousins from Tennessee and their families.
Case and Gregg finished off dinner with coffee and conversation. Apparently, both felt the need to hold support their heads (or scratch them?) at the moment the photo was taken. (Or maybe...monkey see, monkey do!)
Mom requested a family picture. Case, Jolene, Lauren, Cheryl, Ivan, Eva, Bryce and Gregg.
Lauren and Bryce requested a silly picture.
Eva, Bryce (4), Gregg and Lauren (9) Bauer.
The kids were in the mood to monkey around.
Lauren is affectionately known to her Auntie Jolene as Chicky-pooh.
After the dishes were attended to by more industrious family members, Ivan, Jolene, Gregg and Ansel felt safe to move to the kitchen area for further chatting and grazing. Cousin Ansel flew in from Maryland to join in Thanksgiving Dinner.
Cousin Amy recently relocated back to Sacramento following a three year stint in Chicago. One great day together!

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