Sunday, August 15, 2010

Of Tantes, Omas, and Overgrootmoeders

Our girls are fortunate to have lots of tantes (aunties), omas (grandmas), and at least one overgrootmoeder (great-grandmother). Some of these are connected (coerced?) by actually being related, but we are also thankful for the many volunteers.

Tante Ginger (Case's sister)

Oma Ketting

Grandma Bauer

Great-grandma Rittenbach
(Great-grandmother Rittenbach is German, of course, but that would make her Urgrossmutte Rittenbach, which just doesn't sound so kind to the American ear. So, we're sticking with Great-Grandma.)

Bestemor Inna
(Inna is from Norway, where "grandma" is "bestemor")

Grandma Norma Jean

Jolene with Tante Linda (holding Marielle) and Tante Sylvia

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