Saturday, August 28, 2010

Photo Op

The other evening, Mama suggested to Papa that we should sit for a family photo. Papa managed to deflect this in favor of an amateur sitting for the girls, thereby avoiding dressing up, shaving, sucking in his gut, and a variety of other uncomfortable maneuvers required (anymore) to make his appearance presentable for public consumption.

"No sitting fee!", proclaimed Papa, knowing Mama's weakness for saving a buck.
The secret of professional photography (he said) is simply to take lots...
...and lots of pictures. Eventually, you have to get one you like.
Bits and bytes are cheap and recyclable (he added); we'll just dress the girls up...
...take a whole bunch of photos...
...and select one we both like.


Look at those sweet faces!

How could we pick just one photo???

The secret of financial success in professional photography, Papa thinks, is to get someone like him into the studio, take lots and lots and lots of photos of the kids, then sell every last one of them to Papa, who couldn't bear to leave a single copy behind.

Notes: The twins are shown with their bunnies, gifts of the Indianapolis Johnstons. Brian Johnston was one of Case's med school & diving buddies. Anneka, on the left, holds "Wabbity-Wabbity", while Mariella, on the right, hugs "Little Bunny Foo-Foo".

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Ginger said...

You realize, of course, that a private, Papa-directed photo shoot doesn't lessen the effect of multitudes of relatives now waiting to get their own personal copies of your "best shot" to frame and display proudly in homes across north America and Europe!