Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Barn, Avila Beach, CA

"Wow! Mama finally caught both of you looking at the camera. But Mariella what's up with the hay?"
"Mariella, hay is for horses, not US lady bugs"....

...but, if Mariella is eating it...

"Anneka girl, you don't know what your miss'n!"

"Okay, monkey see monkey do, looks like Mama's photo shoot is over!"

There's nothing like twins leading each other into trouble!

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Lynn Stahler said...

Enjoy following your photos and narratives about life after St. Jude/Valley Rads . . . the twins and their parents look like life is quite agreeable! Just wanted to mention that my brachytherapy radx with you, Dr., ended 6 years ago today! Many thanks to you for getting me to where I am today.