Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving in Walla Walla

Early in Thanksgiving week, we managed a quick trip up to Walla Walla to see family.

Somehow, though, we got very few photos! (Sorry!)
Walla Walla was blessed (?!) by an early snowstorm. We took advantage of the opportunity for an outdoor photo op.

Some of you may have seen this photo on our 2010 Christmas card.

Papa reminisces:
That snowstorm was no joke. Air traffic was snarled across the Northwest. I guess I can be glad I didn't try to fly us up, or we'd really have been stuck.

All in all, that Thanksgiving week was a busy one! Travel went like this:

Drive from Arroyo Grande to Santa Barbara, fly to Seattle then Pasco, drive to Walla Walla, spend a couple days seeing Ketting & Rittenbach family, drive back to Pasco (in the snow), delayed flight to Seattle, miss the only connection back home due to the snow delays, snag a flight to Sacramento (due to the miracles of a flight waiting for dead headers that -- miraculously -- wasn't full), rent cars in Sacramento for both Mama & Papa, send Mama and kids off to her parents' in Sacramento, drive myself from Sacramento to Arroyo Grande (arriving 1 am) so I can work on Wednesday, drive down to Santa Barbara Wednesday pm to pick up our own car at the airport and turn in the one-way rental car, drive back home, sleep a little, fly back to Sacramento (my own plane this time, at least) Thursday morning for Thanksgiving dinner with Bauer clan, stay overnight, fly wife & kids to Redding, stay two nights with Jolene's brother & family, fly back home Sunday morning, back to work Monday morning. All with babies in tow...

Are you feeling tired yet?

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