Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vacation to Long Beach

Papa wanted to visit Long Beach for a specific reason: The AOPA exhibition was being held there (translation: lots of airplanes & airplane stuff). Mama and the girls humored him by tagging along.
The twins loved their hotel room-service dining. They found Mama provides faster service than the bell boys, though.
Wasn't all airplanes. We got out for a walk around the bay.
Denis and Melissa Cline joined us for the day. The girls all went to the aquarium. The boys went to see planes (photos all spoiled by drool).
No trip to Long Beach is complete without a visit to the Queen Mary.
We hiked over with the girls and had lunch aboard.
It wasn't busy, so the girls got to stroll the decks while Mama & Papa ate.

We returned to our hotel at dusk; got some good photos on the way.

Fun times!

Due to Papa's surprising restraint while looking at all those airplane gadgets, we didn't come back too much poorer!

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