Sunday, January 16, 2011

Morro Bay Farmers' Market

On one of our recent excursions, we visited Morro Bay, and happened across the weekly farmers' market.
Morro Bay is a quaint little fishing town just west of San Luis Obispo
Jolene & Anneka were up for the adventure.
Mariella reserved judgement (as usual).
"Fresh fruit makes us happy!"
Then there are the other items, not necessarily grown by farmers, but they still show up.  Aprons, in this case.
Case caught sight of this sign and started searching for the Dutch influence in town.
Sure enough.  Contrary to myth, it appears the Flying Dutchman eventually got free of his ghostly ship and opened a restaurant in Morro Bay.

Sunset on the Pacific Coast, with Morro Rock in the background.
"Home, James..."
"Yeah, Papa, what she said..."

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Ginger said...

Fun photos. You guys really dress up to go to market! ;)