Friday, January 28, 2011

We Got Wheels!

"So I've finally graduated from the walker, and they got me something with some style!"

"Hah! Ain't no style if you can't break a sweat using it!
Besides, you gave up these cool balloon and ice cream cone decorations for that thing!"

"Hey, this gear shift does feel quite right..."

"... And look at that -- the hood came off!
What's this??? No engine?!?!?!"

"Wait, maybe that's the trunk lid... No..."

"Hey! Did you get Triple A for this thing, Papa? 'Cuz I need a tow!
Where was it made, anyway? China? Four wheels is a good start, but get me something with 6 speeds and 8 cylinders, and then we'll talk!"

"Ha-ha. Mine runs better'n hers! I tell ya', ya' can't trust many things in the world more'n your two legs..."

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