Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jack's blog entry

Are you looking for something warm and cuddly to follow you through the house all day, giving you love every step of the way. Something to come cuddle up in your lap and purr his love for you each time you sit down. A warm cuddly ball who would do anything to sleep next to you at night. (Don't tell my owners that I am okay sleeping alone at night.)

I am looking for a loving home while my owners abandon me and leave me behind while they travel. I've begged them and pleaded with them to take me with them, I even convinced them to let me camp with them in the backyard in the tent and was on my best behavior. So far they have not given in, so I am sadly, beginning to search for someone to love me while they are away.

I come with my own automatic feeder, that feeds me twice a day for about four days, so if you are gone a few days, I'll miss you greatly, and I'll be okay. I am very good about going in my litter box, and as long as my toenails are cut every month or so I am really good about scratching only on my scratching box. I travel well, I love car rides and I've even flown on airplanes. I can stay alone for up to a week, but I do get quite lonely and very happy to see you when you return.

I'll be the best kitty you've ever met, and when my owners do return, I'll have loved you so well that you may not want to give me back! Posted by Picasa

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