Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Gear

After weeks of searching for the perfect tent, and sleeping bags, we had a chance to initiate our gear. We started Thursday night by setting up the new tent in the living room. I was especially happy that it is so simple and easy to set up after reading a complaint about difficult set up.

Saturday night we decided to set up camp in the backyard, we set up the tent and even stacked it to the ground. Next, we tried out our nifty thing-a-ma-jigs that keep our sleeping mats together through out the night and zipped together our warm new sleeping bags.

I felt sorry for Jack who was missing out in the house and Case graciously consented to let Jack sleep in the tent with us. Jack throughly enjoyed looking out the tent window most of the night and then cuddling between us, on top of us, and along side us through out the night. Jack, has already cast his vote for joining in the next camping trip. Although my empathy and Case's graciousness feel a little less likely to give in after getting less sleep then usual!

Our tent got our stamp of approval, the sleeping bags were great, roomy and warm, just need to work out the bugs with the sleeping mats. Case's therm-a-rest is twice as thick as mine and he felt like he was falling off a cliff to my sleeping mat through out the night. So it looks like he'll need to down grade from the therm-a-rest(less likely) or I'll need to up grade (more likely).

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Ginger said...

That's one smashing-looking tent! Gave me a good laugh to see it set up in the piano parlor. (I see you got Blogger to upload your picture)

Who's looking after Jack when you're out ramblin'?