Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Where will the adventure take us?

I've been on the internet alot lately...and we are beginning to hear from people who are interested in a house swap. It is fun to open the email and discover families writing from Denmark, Germany and the most interesting lady from Nairobi, Kenya. She wrote short informative emails, with hints regarding her work for the UN, writing from both Nairobi and Geneva where she was "servicing a conference on chemicals." She contacted us hoping to vacation near Disneyland, and looking at her web page she describes an amazing home, sleeping 10 with 6 bathrooms and a home theater. Unfortunately, Kenya wasn't on our agenda, but I couldn't help running it by Case, "Hey, if you ever wanted to go to Kenya, nows our chance."

This last Sunday REI had a sale, Case and I have been patiently waiting for this sale for the past two weeks, to buy our few remaining needed items. We found quality warm sleeping bags on sale, I found Gortex hiking shoes, Case needed a new camping stove, that can burn ANYTHING...gasoline, white gas, diesel....coal, wood, air,water....just kidding, and some small, light cooking pots. Now we are waiting for our last piece of equipment...Case's dream tent that he spent time researching on the web, it is quite an amazing tent, almost like sleeping outdoors, with a great rain fly. http://store.hermitshut.com/bldiskte.html.

Last week we also booked our airline tickets...after much hunting and searching on the internet and newspapers. The cheapest tickets were actually advertised in the travel section of the Los Angeles Times. We leave November 27, at 12:16 am, on Copa Airlines, lay over in Panama and then on to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We arrive home following the same route around 11am, February 21, 2007. (Yes, we will be away traveling over Christmas this year...as well, as both Case's, December 14th and Ginger's, December 12th, birthdays.)

After arriving in Buenos Aires we begin with a cruise, November 29, that follows the Argentina coastline south, around Cape Horn and into the Chilean Fjords. I am really pleased that we found this discounted cruise (www.vacationstogo.com) out of Argentina, because the going rate for a 3-4 day trip on a ferry with a berth, through just the Chilean Fjords, is $700-$1200 dollars in high season and we paid that much for an 18 day cruise.

Ports along the way include, Punta del Este and Montevideo, Uruguay; Puerto Madryn, Argentina; Port Stanely, Falkland Islands; Ushuaia, Argentina, near Cape Horn; Punta Arenas, Puerto chacabuco, Puerto Montt, all in the Chilean fjords and Lakes district of Chile; and then up the coast to Valdivia, Talchuano, Coquimbo and finally arriving inValparaiso/Santiago, Chile.

We may need a few days to find our land legs after that part of the trip.

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