Monday, January 29, 2007

TDP Day #11: Completing the circuit

From Grey Glacier, we hiked out to complete the Circuit at "Lago Pehöe". We had covered 78 miles in 9 days of hiking and 2 days of relaxation. Although we'd planned to stay here overnight before departing the park, the rising winds, return of rain showers, and dropping temperature made the comforts of a roof over our heads, real food, and hot showers too appealing. There was one last boat-bus combination out of the park that day, so after confirming that we could find lodging back in town, we took it.

Something ventured, something done. It was a great trip.

Our greatest need now was hot water, soap, and a soft bed. Unfortunately, we arrived back in town to find that half of it -- our half -- was subject to a burst water main and therefore out of water of any kind, hot or otherwise! Water supply was predicted to be restored by midnight, but who knew? Very thankfully, around midnight, a gurgling in the pipes ended our light (and sticky, and dusty) slumbers, and we got a good scrub. (We´re still scrubbing...)

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