Tuesday, January 23, 2007

TDP Day #5: Hiking through rain

On this is a day, we didn't take a single photo ... we didn't wish to expend the energy to dig out the camera. All our energy was focused on getting through the day while maintaining as much warmth and dryness as possible the steady rain.

We managed to pack up everything ... wet. Essentials such as dry clothes and sleeping bags were protected with plastic bags. Non-essentials were left to get wet ... including our backpacks and ourselves, as we hiked 5 solid hours.

We waded through a swampy, muddy valley and, despite being very wet, were able to stay warm. It´s amazing how physical exertion can counteract even the cold and wet of rain! But still, we were grateful to set up our tent and crawl into a dry environment to rest and (hopefully) dry off! Our little tent never felt so wonderful!!!

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