Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Finally! A "Real" Job & a Home

We're finally settling down to one job and one place! We've been two years on the road (Case managed to squeeze in a "bonus year" beyond the year of travel we'd initially planned), so it's about time! The job is in Santa Maria, on the Central California Coast, and this is the house we will be renting. (For photos of the area, refer back to our November postings; that was our job interview trip.)

We spent the last two Sundays looking for a rental home in the area, and found this one in Arroyo Grande, CA. Here's a little tour, for those with sufficient interest... (For the rest of you, you'll want to know that the weather is mild year-round, we're on a golf course, we're 15 minutes from the beach, and we have spare bedrooms!)
The entry area
& kitchen
with a living room and fire place just off the kitchen.
A sun room
with a view
to the fifth green.

Case is deep into planning the move, and we're both happy to have found a home! Case finishes work in Palm Springs on Friday, January 2, and starts work in Santa Maria the following Monday, so it looks to be a busy Christmas Season for us...


Ginger said...

What an absolutely lovely place! And what a lovely picture of the two of you! Thanks for doing this post so quickly...

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