Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Home Cooking

Grilled cheese with fresh cilantro and sliced Roma tomatoes; Black-bean and pineapple salad, with a few baby carrots.

I am getting acquainted with the markets here in Arroyo Grande. Case finds it interesting, when I travel to new places, I like to visit the grocery store. I discover a lot by visiting the market, I like seeing the locals in their native environments and nothing, to me, is more native than shopping for groceries... at least one person in every family does it! I like seeing the people in their daily routines, what is available, how they package, don't package or display food, and the price.

The last couple years we've eaten mainly from the three food groups; Trader Joes, Taco Bell and restaurants, as we lived a transition life style. We'd purchase just what we needed for the week, frozen or quick eats that wouldn't spoil and would travel, as we were frequently on the road on weekends, or packing up for a new location. During international travel, we ate where ever was near when we were hungry, at train stations, grocery stores and hole-in-the wall restaurants. Once we ate restaurant style in a private home in Chile. We arrived hungry in a remote small (500 person) town, and our hostess pointed us to the house down the road.
When we arrived the lady of the house seated us in a dining area, explained what she had on hand and would make for us, we agreed, and she took about 30-45 minutes to serve us dinner. We made up for some of these experiences by feasting on the cruise ships interspersed through our travels.

Here in Arroyo Grande I've found I frequent Albertsons, Trader Joes and J J's Market just down the street. J J's has fresh, locally grown, beautiful fruits and veggies and is just a short scooter ride from home. I've renewed my subscription to Cooking Light magazine, have all my spices and I am in the mood to create.

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