Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Village of Arroyo Grande

Yesterday I took a few minutes to walk through the village of Arroyo Grande. It has some quaint charm as I've frequently driven past and looked down the street. and I've been curious to explore this street.
I found three blocks of small touristy stores of antiques, cute things and restaurants. There is a hint of old charm with the local bakery, butch, barber and other old memories in and among the shops.
Thursday nights, not far away, the San Luis Obispo Farmers Market is a big draw for both the community and college students. It seems Arroyo Grande is hoping to continue the spirit of shopping for fresh fruits, veggies and rambling through personal art displays.

Just off the street a quiet lawn area with a swinging footbridge crosses leading to more of Arroyo Grande.
Hey! Here is something that will bring me back again!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jolene,

Is Arroyo Grande near SLO? Lana Fiess (Tabuenca now) lives in SLO. She has two girls... Stella and Leila. I can give you her email address if you want.

Jody (Pogue) Fessler

Case and Jolene said...

Hi Jody,

Nice to hear from you.

Yes, SLO is a few miles north. I'd appreciate Lana's number, I did see her at church a number of weeks ago, but haven't gotten her number yet.