Sunday, March 01, 2009

Signs of Spring

The sun is warm this morning as I wander through the house and garden noticing spring arriving on the gentle sea breeze.
The bushes and trees are budding,
bulbs are popping up through the pebbles in the backyard,
and I found a bright cheery wreath our door.
The bees and humming birds buzzed around these flowers this morning as I stood in the bathroom preparing for the day.
We've had a few warm runs down on the beach and I was excited to find whole sand dollars!
A few calla lilies bloom in the front yard,
and bursts of color brighten the landscape,
and the finishing touches of home are being hung.
I love these first signs of a new season arriving.
His Royal Highness, Jack, assumes his regal position on his new throne. Looking too cute for me to pass up a picture.

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