Thursday, December 21, 2006

A bit of housekeeping:

Several of you have long since discovered that our blog is completely interactive. We communicate with you via the blog, and you can leave comments and notes back to us by clicking on the “Comment” tag at the end of the post.

This morning, we combined our intelligence -- fortified by two cups of coffee and a rather rusty degree in electrical engineering (Case) and two of hot chocolate plus a large bowl of European muesli (Jolene) -- and laser-focused it on the problem of why we weren’t getting any comments.

What we found is that the rest of you were all well ahead of us. Our apologies to those of you who have left comments and wondered what ever happened to them. We have now discovered your long-neglected efforts sequestered in a section of the blogger control structure that we hadn’t previously noticed, and your comments are now visible in our blog.

Thanks for all your contributions! We’ve enjoyed the (delayed) feedback.

Postscript for the unenlightened (like we were):

For those of you who are wondering how to view these comments from the rest of our family and friend – and who might want to leave your own – you will now notice at the end of each posting a little “hot zone” saying “COMMENTS” that you can click on. Just click on it.

Also, if you want to see the comments displayed with the posting, just click on the date/time of the posting. This will bring up a web page showing just that posting, with the comments printed after it.


Ginger said...

You know, it's much easier if you don't have "comment moderation" on. Then comments show up as soon as they're posted, and if you don't like something one of us says, you are AllPowerful and can delete it presto.

It's snowing here, by the way.

marjan said...

Great, now we can see the comments too.
We're following your blog since we received your christmasletter. It is fun to see where you're travelling and what you're doing.
Greets from Holland.

Anonymous said...

Hi Case and Jolene,
I have looked at all your pictures and read most of the writing and I can only say.. You are living the dream we others unfortunately wake up from in the morning! I am sooo totally purple of envy and yet so happy for you! It all looks awesome!
I don't know if you will read this, we are way past this date, but here it is! God bless you two awesome people. More another day.. I am moving house.. so more later!
Joann from Newbold

Anonymous said...

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