Friday, December 01, 2006

Punta del Este and Montevideo, Uruguay

Independance Square in Capital City, Montevideo

Punta del Este, a very wealthy resort town about 100 miles from Montevideo. (We stopped here first.)

This is the "Newport Coast" of Uruguay.

Apparently, someone buried a giant in the beach here, but he wasn't quite dead.

Not sure what story they tell the school children about the sculpture, but we like our story better anyway. Note that children & teachers wear white "lab coats" as their uniforms. Future doctors? Or scientists? Or, perhaps those are "smocks", and they are future artists... Unique, anyway!

A kind local offered to snap our picture. In conversation, she explained she is a dual citizen of Switzerland and Uruguay, married to a local. She and her husband retired here 20 years ago. This is a very wealthy area complete with heliport near the nicest homes. Apparently, Europeans like her have retired here due to the great exchange rate (24 pesos to the dollar).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Case and Jolene: We are watching with great interest your blog site and are so very excited for you. When you were at Yosemite I could only think of our beautiful honeymoon there 48 years ago. We have been back several times and as I recall Case came to join us on that last trip along with his folks, great fun. We need to go again!!!!!
We renewed your National Geographic and wonder if that had anything to do with your current travel plans. I think you mentioned another time about how it gave you the itch to travel. We are happy for you both. Look forward to your next stop; sure makes it interesting to see the pictures with you both as a part of it. Thanks for the Christmas card and wedding picture! What wonderful memories of your beautiful wedding. We were so blessed to be there with you. Much love, Auntie Susie