Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pucon Town Tour

Ginger asked what the town was like, so these shots are for you Ginger.
This is the main park, quite close to the beach and looking toward the volcano.
City Hall decorated for Christmas with the "green light" signaling all is usual for the volcano. As we've driven out of town and around the volcano Pucon doesn't resemble any of the surrounding towns and we wonder how this came about. The easiest way to describe it would be Pucon resembles a US town while the surrounding towns have a Malaysian look and feel.
We've never seen so many powerlines! I've even given up trying to take pictures with out powerlines running through them. Here is an example of looking down mainstreet in Pucon. Case seems to think they don't bother taking down old power lines....they just add new ones. All through out Chile we've commented on all the powerlines.
The city sits right on the lake Villarrica and has a black sand beach.
Our hostel La Tetera. Every morning downstairs they serve one of the best breakfasts in town. Our favorite is their musli, very tasty and very filling.

I have a few pictures to show one of the typical surrounding towns and when the blogger is in a better mood maybe it will let me upload those pictures!!

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Ginger said...

Cool! Thanks for the tour. It looks like a gorgeous place, for some reason reminds me a little bit of Leavenworth.