Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's in Pucon

It's been awhile since our last blog entry. This last week or more I've been spending quality time with a local Chilean virus. Being sick made me miss home a bit. It's never fun to be sick "on the road". We became quite familiar with the local pharmacies through finding drugs to treat my aches and low grade fever. In the midst of the flu, the Chilean bacteria decided to join the party, and I got "pink eye". Fortunately, I am now recovered from both. Case has managed to escape with a few symptoms of a cold and a low-ish energy level. We've been going at a slower pace, but a lot has happened and I am looking forward to getting it posted on the blog! (I accidently left out one of my favorite days at the hot springs, so you may want to go back to Dec. 27 and have a look.)

We explored the lava caves of Villarrica on New Years Eve day! It was great to get out for fresh air after being in bed two days.
It was raining at midnight as Pucon celebrated the New Year. The town was crowded, the streets lined with parked cars, as crowds gathered at the beach along Lake Villarrica for fireworks and partying. The party lasted all night; at 6 a.m. I awoke to small groups singing loudly in the streets as they stumbled home to recover from the celebration!
January 2nd, we packed up and left Pucon by bus. My energy level was still pretty low but it was so good to be on the mend and back on the road. Pucon was a great place to be for the holidays!

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