Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Baskin Family Visits

Bill, Angela, Mia and Mika Baskin drop by for a few days stay, on their road trip from Anthem, AZ, to San Diego and north along the California coast.

Bill and Mika try out the roasted corn at San Luis Obispo Market night.
Mia and Mika select pieces of fine balloon art.
I joined them Friday for a visit to Hearst Castle. Here is one of the two fabulous pools that Mia and Mika would have found much more fun if they could have spent the afternoon swimming, rather than on the adult tour were they must not touch anything!
A glimpse of the gardens on the Estate.
Angela, a long time friend from dental / dental hygiene school era at Loma Linda University,
snaps a picture of William Randolf Hearst's home and work of a life time!
Mika feels a bit bored but was a trooper, making it through the whole tour.

We enjoyed your visit! So good to meet Mia and Mika, catch up a bit since it has been so long, as well as hanging out and make new memories. Continued safe travels!

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